Time spent: 3 years Skills needed: Adobe Photoshop

Project Description:

The primary focus of this project was to create an automotive interface design that prioritizes usability and enhances the overall user experience. Through a comprehensive overhaul of the interface components, I successfully resolved existing usability issues and prepared the design for seamless software development.

By conducting thorough user research and applying user-centered design methodologies, I carefully reworked and regenerated all components of the automotive interface. This meticulous process ensured that the design not only addresses previous usability challenges but also aligns with industry best practices and standards.

Key Features:

  • Refined interface components: Each component of the automotive interface has been meticulously reworked to optimize usability and user interaction.
  • Enhanced user experience: The redesigned interface solves previous usability issues, resulting in a more intuitive and engaging experience for users.
  • Software development readiness: The regenerated components are fully prepared for software development, streamlining the implementation process.

Overall, this project represents a significant milestone in creating a highly usable and visually appealing automotive interface design. By resolving usability challenges and preparing the design for software development, it sets the foundation for a seamless and user-centric automotive experience.

A video of the infotainment can be watched here.