Time spent: 2 Months Skills needed: 3D Studio Max, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects

Project Description:

In my portfolio, I am thrilled to present an innovative electric motorcycle project that I brought to life using 3D Studio Max. This project revolves around a modern and rounded design, aimed at creating a versatile transportation solution for various terrains. These electric motorcycles are designed to seamlessly attach and transform into a small Buggy, offering an exceptional experience in countryside, beach, and other outdoor settings.

By leveraging my skills in 3D design, I meticulously crafted and rendered these electric motorcycles, ensuring every detail and functionality was accurately represented. The focus on modern aesthetics and rounded forms contributes to their eye-catching and contemporary design, while the transformative feature adds practicality and adaptability to different environments.

Key Features:

  • Electric motorcycle innovation: This project showcases my ability to conceptualize and design innovative electric motorcycles that embrace sustainable transportation solutions.
  • Versatile design transformation: The motorcycles' ability to attach and transform into a small Buggy demonstrates their versatility, providing an adaptable and enjoyable riding experience in various outdoor settings.
  • Modern and rounded aesthetics: The design aesthetics prioritize a modern and rounded approach, contributing to a visually appealing and contemporary look for the motorcycles.

Through this project, I aimed to merge functionality, sustainability, and aesthetics, resulting in electric motorcycles that offer a unique and exciting experience. The combination of 3D Studio Max expertise, modern design elements, and the transformative feature showcases my ability to create visually captivating and versatile transportation solutions for diverse environments.